How to NOT look fat in a turtleneck I Roberto Ruivo

Is it true no one will hit on u if ur wearing a 🐢 turtleneck sweater❓

Ofcourse not❗

If u never been hit on while wearing a turtleneck, I guarantee it's because u've been wearing it wrong 🚫

Turtlenecks can make u look like u just sucked the mayo out of 1000 big macs 🍔 (with extra cheese)

Here, I'm going to show you "How to NOT Look Fat in a Turtleneck"

⚫ Wear A Supportive Bra ( you need to look like things are on their way up - not down, hanging boobs will make your stomach shorter, making you look shorter and fatter)

⚫ Avoid Long or Statement Earrings (again too many things hanging low, making you look shorter and fatter, we need things to go up)

⚫ Wear ur hair up away from face or slip on a Turbai (this will give the illusion of height and make you appear more stretched out and slimmer)


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